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To Disappear Yet To Remain 

A great many things that seem to be wrong in our life are just stories of the mind. Further reinforcement comes from those in our lives playing into it. This story is a collection of individual projections bleeding into each others perceptions  We all share in this and have our part we play.

Our most necessary challenge then is to not heed the illusion.  This is tricky, for we ourselves are mostly illusion. So the more we disappear within our circumstances and surroundings both to ourselves and to others, the more real we become... By not interfering with what is really trying to come through in that moment.

Yes, you disappear... But it is at that moment you are seen to be everywhere,  or a part of all. This is what and who we are truly meant to be. The more we understand that all in our mind repeating is a cumulative force manifesting and carrying its own momentum from our admittance and participance.  The more we can let go of it and step outside of it  and return to the purity within, the more there is room for another to enter and for true vision to present itself concerning what is necessary for us in this moment. For right now we cannot see these things. We are occupied with everything that has nothing to do with our growth as an individual and as a species

All Is In The Now 

It is a great realization to know deep within that everything is happening in the now for you. The past, the present, the future… It is all in the now. And we shall come to see there is no need to regret when you can start anew in any moment.

A past choice may have led to an undesirable present, but you can make a choice to shift in accordance and do it differently in its current manifestation.   It does change the past but it does change the present which changes the future.

The only mistake we ultimately make is to not learn from past doings.  
And every moment is a chance to apply the lessons learned where the past, present, and future become one. An edifice of the elements of the earth once without form and void of life.  And the future is nothing more than the present moments converged.

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Self Honesty  

You are not lost if you have arrived at the truth that we just don't know.  It is then what you do from that point of recognition, what you choose to fill the void with that will determine whether you return to that previous state of falsehood or remain immersed in the truth

Personal Power  

The trouble with waiting too long to step into your personal power is that time and energy are limited in this life

Forsaking the inner voice of your heart for too long,  which is your one and only true guide, means you wander further and further from your path.  Wander far enough and you are unable to complete your journey. 

We will say " it has forsaken us,"  but it is in fact we who have forsaken it


the Journey 

To complete the journey you must first step fully into who you are 

And that takes time and energy 

This calls for being truthful within every circumstance that arises 

And when you fail,  this must be fully recognized and owned to find self acceptance and reclaim your truth

Triumphant Be 

You can be triumphant under any of the myriad of unique circumstances you have entered into.
It is a matter of connecting to who you really are beyond the circumstance.

Bringing your true self into this world requires an incredible amount of energy ... but know, it is energy you do have available.  We just often use that energy to be something we are truly not. This takes an enormous amount of energy to do so,  and it leaves us emptier than when we began. 

The challenge is being authentic enough. The power is already there. Having the integrity, the honesty and the truthfulness to be find and become who you really are. 

This is where your true power lies